»  (    I see no fun in brooding   ) 

          && gaze flickers towards you ; ; 
          his lips tugging into a smirk 
          upon mention of such a word.
          oh, you’ve defiantly caught
          his attention now.

                              (       s p e c i a l   ~  !! 
                                   why of course I am !!      ) 

        ❝   —You   dont’? Excellent, then I see no
                   point in your furthering your games of
                   annoyance with me. I would much
                   rather know how you’re still alive today.     ❞

Tit for tat. Mycroft
is unafraid of any
mortal, or rather
immortal as it seems.


[ SMS: Holmes, Mycroft ] Most nights I just go straight to sleep. Sometimes I think about cases at night— I do my best thinking when it’s quiet.

( sms | stone ) i mean my question inappropriately, not what do you really do at night.


        ❝   —how’s   business? Booming?        ❞

Slytherin Swagger


be possessive and territorial about me that’s my favorite thing


        ❝   —Your    work precedes you.  
                  It gives you an inspiring air.    ❞


        ❝   —Ms. Blake   of the meddling kids.
                  How nice to finally meet you.      ❞


        ❝   —Re-animating   that is interesting.       ❞


        ❝   —You know   one day you’ll make a
                  nice addition to the ward. It’s only a
                  matter of time before your antics backfire.       ❞


        ❝   —Who    exactly are you ,
                 and why are you here.     ❞

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