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[text]; Don't be a puss. Have a glass at least. - J [text]; A glass and the extra special is yours. Deal? -J

text; Did you just call me…. Fine. I’m coming over.

[text]; If we finish the bottle then you'll get extra special treatment. -J

text; I have work tomorrow.
text; Surely you don’t expect me to drink before an early morning?

[text]; Come over. I've got whiskey and Sherlock's gone. -J

text; Have you now?
text; Will I be getting special treatment?

cleverq said:
( -whispers- did you delete and then remake your blog? you did, didn't you. -refollows like a pesky burr- )

yes, I did delete and start anew ! :)



       “—I've always believed ethics were
       more so determined by ones own
       moral agenda. Unethical? I don’t
       rightly know. Unfortunate? Most
       certainly. You may wake up after
       more miserable than ever. Because
       if there’s no darkness, then
       l i g h t   loses its meaning.”

"Oh yes, I agree with such statements,
 but my moral compass may infact, and
 more than likely is, quite different from 
 other’s, especially our patients…

 To say that light would lose it’s meaning
 would be to undermine the value that 
 light has on it’s own. Perhaps they would
 feel less blessed, but would they not feel
 less pain as well?”



{ 👠 } — Inevitably so, yes. Unsure to
how much longer I could take these
tedious ramblings. If you insist on
taking time belonging to those
who have little of such,
have the courtesy to
assure they don’t
doze off. 


I say we leave.

The smile quirks upon his face,
much the same as the flash of light
from her lighter enhances her sharp
cheek bones and angles momentarily.
"Hmm, you speak nothing but truth,
 I do agree with your battle plan.
 Shall we excuse ourself to somewhere
 more exciting. There is in fact a small
 shop full of teas, if we feel so inclined,
 down the street.”




It wasn’t as if he didn’t expect to see
Ratty at the gate—for it was the man’s job—
but there was something about his presence
that startled Oogie. He took a moment to think,
and choosing his words carefully he answered,

What, old pal? Can’t a man—
he looked down at his hands,
—well… a sack of bugs take a walk
around town for no reason?
It’s a delightfully spooky night,
and it’d be quite a shame
for it to go to waste.

It was easily recognizable as a lie,
but it was the best thing that he could
come up with on short notice.

His eyes narrowed in distrust and he
shrugged his shoulder in judgement.
There was never a good reason to 
let Oogie Boogie out of the town 
but then again, he hadn’t been warned
against it in sometime…

"What do you think you will be doing?
 Better yet, who do you think you’re 
 going out to scare? Christmas town
 is now forbidden after the last …