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           ❛ then you really don’t need your
             belts  and  ties  back,  do  you ?
                        and  i’m  not  sure  if  we
fuck, that is. we might
c  a  u  g  h  t .  ❜

        ❝   You  really do not have
a choice, Drom’s. I’ve decided this is
very much the place we should fuck,
therefore, i think you should happily
oblige me. You love living on the
edge, do you not?   ❞


13 year old Sherlock having a birthday party that consists of him sitting alone in his room saying “they’ll be here any minute…” for three hours. (x)

mycroft comes in laughing every half hour, eating his cake and throwing a present at him because he knew this was going to fail

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reminder if you want a theme like mine here, you can literally commission me for 10$ and i’ll make you, your very own custom theme complete with blog roll && graphic for online/offline/promo (normally one or two banners that you put your own text on, or tell me what to put on it.).

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if you’re really wanting a blog overhaul, i’ll theme it, do your banner and make you 50 icons that match the theme with borders and fancy stuff. ( like victorwhxle’s / huntsmanwithoutaheart and now belgravianbitch’s) for 20$

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i also make tumblr avatars.


promo banners ( they look shrunk b/c they should be 500px but tumblr posts shirnk them


Help? Work? Anything?

hello, you all know i’m diabetic, i have been for a year now, thanks to a pancreatic failure. I had no insurance, thanks to the fucking united states bullshit, and only just got it.

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obviously I’ve been scarce lately between real life and making money ( yay!!! ) , baby sitting, and being required to be social able by family members. Basically I don’t have time right now to answer the 15+ drafts and stuff I have. So if you want you can KIK me at ( KINGMYCROFT ). however be aware it will be teen Mycroft only unless you are a muse like ( drxmeda ) where our interactions are old age only.

I want low stress texting things. ( no detailed threading or smutting just low stress ) for the next few days. When you kik me format like this the first time PLS!!!

( url ) [ character name + age ] message here.

I don’t care if we’ve never interacted as long as I know who or what your character is. I’m going to sleep but KIK me ok. You can speak ooc to me but please place it in ( parentheses ) or [ brackets ], I prefer to stay in character tbh. but i won’t be upset if you ooc me. i’m not a quick kikster. i have a job and work on things nearly 24/7. so replies are slow but hey at least i can do that all the time. 

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you. just. wait. until. you. see. it.

i’m laugHING so hard rn.

the icons are amazing

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;; there is a large chance i will have drag!mycroft prostituting as a verse. i s2g.

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hi. Would any one have interest in a Once Upon A Time Fairytale group verse where characters like Sherlock and Marvel are all together rather than fairytale characters. Basically people like Irene and Mycroft would lose all memory of their secret jobs and the super heroes would be powerless. It would just be a fun new way to interact and play.

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Any follower!



like for a starter from a random verse and possibly NEW verses :))!

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kind of want female mycroft as a teenager? ? ? ? any one interested in that verse?

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        ❝   Don’t  touch that.       ❞